Манучан Екатерина \ Manuchan Ekaterina

<<< - - - Фестиваль Перформанса DIVERSE UNIVERSE II (Таллин, Эстония) \
Performance festival DIVERSE UNIVERSE II (Tallinn, Estonia)



Performance festival DIVERSE UNIVERSE II
participating artists / osalevad kunstnikud

Open Space Performunion (Berlin)

Rolls Rolf Langhans (Germany)

creation de empleio (Berlin)

Jorge Hidalgo (Colombia/Germany)

Yellow Wolfman (Estonia)

Alex Marcelo Mora (Chile/Germany)

C.n.O.P.T. ( Remo Randver & Ville-Karel Viirelaid) (Estonia)

Siram (Estonia)

Rubens (Estonia)

Sylvain Breton & Marion Lessard (Quebec)

Erkki Pirtola (Finland)

Liivi Tantaal (Estonia)

Pink Punk (Estonia)

Meeland Sepp, Erik Alalooga & friends (Estonia)


Näitus “Performance läheb galeriisse” Pärnu Linnagaleriis
Exhibition Performance Goes To Gallery in Pärnu City Gallery.

Patricio Kind (Chile)

Guido Solar & Gonzalo Vargas Malinowsky (Chile)

Little Tom (Estonia)

Atieq (Indonesia)

J. Jackie Baier (Germany)

Ernest Truely (USA)

Theodor di Ricco (USA / Germany)

Rubens (Estonia)

Catherine Manuchan (Russia)

Liivi Tantaal (Estonia)

Christine Fentz (Denmark)

Alex Marcelo Mora (Chile / Germany)

Funky Chicken (Estonia)

Rolls Rolf Langhans (Germany)

Raul Meel (Estonia)

KIM Kang (South Korea)

Fashist Lendas Üle (Estonia)

KIM Youn Hoan (South Korea)

Open Space Performunion (Germany)

Yellow Wolfman (Estonia)

C.n.O.P.T. ( Remo Randver & Ville-Karel Viirelaid) (Estonia)

Siram (Estonia)

Sylvain Breton ( Quebec )

Non Grata (Estonia)

Alfrado Sciuto (Italy/Germany)

Meeland Sepp (Estonia)

Amy Clement (USA/Germany)

Sorge (Estonia)


Open Space Performunion

Adalbertstr.32 10179 Berlin
fon: 0049 (0)30 68081390
contact.: Michael Steger Berlin 01.04. 06 03.04.05

Biographies: The artists of Performunion

Alfrado Sciuto
Alfrado was born in Acireale on the 29 th of august 1968, Catania, Italy. 1991 diploma of Interior Design from Catania Art College. 1996 diploma of decoration from Art Academy Catania. 1997 he participated in a summer academy and a metal workshop by internationally know metal artist Arnaldo Pomodoro. Since 1993 he regularly works on collages of objects, illumination objects and installations. Since moving to Berlin, he focuses on stage design and costume desing for street theater, minimalistic performance and improvosation theater with a focus on science fiction.

Michael Steger
Born in 1968, was until recently the curator of Schiller Palais Art Space in Berlin, Neukolln. He is one of the founds of OpenSpace (1998), and has realized numerous cultural projects and cultural festivals in Berlin. As an artist he specializes in acting and performance. Recently Michael has taken part in “Diverse Universe” I as a member of Performunion- Openspace.

Andreas Stadler
Born in 1977, he is a professional shoemaker. In 2001 he started studying theater in the Berliner Schule fur Schauspiel. Since 2003 he works as an independent artist and also does catering for film and theater. He has performed in “No More Firmament”; Diverse Universe I in Estonia and Finland with the Performunion and OpenSpace. Also with the Performunion he appeared in: Kunstnacht im Kindlboulevard, Berlin, 2005 and “The People” with Philip Brehse, Berlin, 2004.

Malys Im
A professional Contra Bassist and professional Electric Contra Bassist. He also works as a sound designer with computer generated sounds. Born in France, Malys grew up in various countries. Since 1996 he lives in Berlin. In Lausanne, Switzerland he finished his studies in classiscal contra bass and performed in various classical orchestras. From here he evolved into other genres: Chanson, Pop, Rock, as well as experimental and Lantin American music such as Tango. As a musician he has participated in film, theater performances, ballets, and performance art. He regularly performs on gallery openings.

Franziska Bosse
Born 1975, is involved in the public relations for OpenSpace KleinGeist e.V. which involves printing the monthly calender, updating the website and coordinates international artists and translations of German/ English. She has been working for OpenSpace since 1999. In 2001 she finished studies of architecture and city planning with a diploma from Fachhochschule Potsdam. Following three years living overseas. She has prticipated in numerous biomechnical workshops given by Philip Brehse and performed in theater productions that reulted from the workshops. This includes: “Gegenwartsirritationen” and “Antigone im Bannkreis”. In October 2005 she participated in Metamorphisis I presented at the 7 th anniversary for OpenSpace.

Nicholas D. Vargelis
Born in 1979, Boston, USA, Nicholas is a multidisciplinary artist currently living in Berlin. His work spans from performance to stage design to photography. He worked as a professional lighting designer for the performing arts in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Nicholas holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Stage Design from Emerson College, Boston, USA, 2003. Nicholas was the assitant director of the alternative art space Oni Gallery in Chinatown, Boston, USA. His latest solo photography exhibiton “Forgotten Space” was held in OpenSpace and featured a combination of documentary and artistic images from urban exploration.

Alexander Weber
Born in 1982 in Wolfsburg, Germany, lives and works in Berlin, Kreuzberg and has been working for OpenSpace for the past four years. He is a professional electrician and has started his artistic carreer in making documentation about art projects/ performance art/ theater. He is self taught. His work is seen in the short film “Breaking the Rules” from Anreas Haslinger, and “Der Walfisch” from Harald Friedel. He has done the complete documentation of the SoToDo Performance Art Congress 2003, 2004, 2005. Aside from his documentary work, he constructs electronic experimental music and animates short films.

Philip Brehse
Born in America in 1958. Comes to the Performunion with a wide spectrum of experiences in diverse theater traditions and art collaborations. Before he came to Germany in 1991, he was an actor with the legendary New Yorker “Living Theater” under the direction of Judith Malina, and with the “Alchemical Theater”under the direction of Carlo Altomare. Both groups toured extensively in Eastern and Western Europe and were acclaimed guests at numerous European festivals including the B.I.T.E.F. festival in Beograd in 1985. Toured as actor and choreographer in Germany with the “Theaterhof Priessenthal” from 1992 to 98, including performaces at the European Cultural Capital Weimar Festival in 1999. In addition to his work as an actor and teacher he initiates his own projects predomenatly in “Open Space” which he co-founded in 1998 in Berlin. His main objective at present is to create conditions which enable artists from diverse genres and disciplines to collaborate together and is therefore an active member of the Open Space Performunion. He was as student by the master classes of Biomechanics with Gennadji Bogdanov from Moscow. His special obsession is the continuous study of Biomechanics and remain engaged the further study of physicality in performance and acting styles.


geb. in Bremen, lebt und erarbeitet in Pfullendorf;
Konzepte, Performances, Installationen, Wort+ Klangwerke
Sichtbarmachung zeitlicher Abläufe, Kontrollierte Verbrennungen, Vernetzungen
KONTAKTE; ®®L D- 88630 Pfullendorf + am TH.euerbach 4 +
GERMANY / REISEBÜRO SÜHD + TELEFON : 0049 (0) 7552 7650
E lektroNischen Post; KUNSTPRAXIS@performance-impulse-suehd.de
< http://www.performance-impulse-suehd.de> < http://www.homeage.de>

creation de empleio

We are four people: Tobi, Kerstin, Mel and Michael. The name of our performance group is "creation de empleio".

Michael Philips
1999 : Performance at public space at kvpi cutural center together with futurelic (Australia)
2000 : Performing and interactive Photo shooting in the red light district in sidney (australia) together with Futurelic
2000 diverse Performances with keep out  in Berlin and Leipzig
2002 Performance with lick me happy in lisabon ,London and berlin
2003 Performances with lick me happy  in Kopenhagen ,warzow ,Wrozlav, berlin ,Hamburg and Amsterdam
2004 Performance with lick me hpappy  in Berlin ,Amsterdam ,kopenhagen ,London and Madrid
2005 Performance with creation de empleo in Barcelona ,Leipzig , Berlin
2005 Peformance with Lick me happy in Barcelona, London and berlin

Tobias Mvhring
1994 performances in cologne at buschwindrvschen
2001 Performancetourqueer liberation in bremen, berlin, prague, vienna,basel.
Gent,Amsterdam and hilversum.
2002 theatertour in Boltenhagen ,Frankfurt, cologne,Amsterdam ,osnabr|ck, and schwerin
2003 Performance at tuntenhaus Berlin
2004 Performance at tuntenhaus Berlin
2005 performance at open space Berlin
2006 diverse Performances with keep out  in Berlin and Leipzig
2002 Performance with lick me happy in lisabon ,London and berlin
2003 Performances with lick me happy  in Kopenhagen ,warzow ,Wrozlav, berlin ,Hamburg and Amsterdam
2004 Performance with lick me hpappy  in Berlin ,Amsterdam ,kopenhagen ,London and Madrid
2005 Performance with creation de empleo in Barcelona ,Leipzig , Berlin
2005 Peformance with Lick me happy in Barcelona, London and berlin

Background our Performance is working on the theme exclusion. In that way we was especialy interested about the codes groups in society have and use also to exclude people. All of us in our group coming from a queer background and working about gender stereotypes in a critical way. In our performance we play a lot with these gender role models and have a lot of suddenly surprising changes of gender identities. So our performance is as welll about excluding people in the society wich are not fitting into norms and stereotypes, but also about the codes in our own (Queer) scene wich are often only based on fashion and optical apearence and excluding people on a very superficial basis.

Alex Mora

Complete name: Alex Marcelo Jiménez Mora
Nationality: Chilean
Ardes: Berlinerstr. 48-50, 51063 Cologne, Germany
E-mail: marcelo.mora@web.de, performance.mora@gmail.com
Website: www.alex-moraworld.com

1971 Born in Concepción, Chily
1993-1995 University Escuela de bellas artes, Valparaíso, Chile
Profesor: Juan del Sante
1997-2003 University Kunstakademie Münster, Germany
Professors: Timm Ulrichs, Paul Isenrath, Guillaume Bijl
Assistent in the organization of exhibitions in the cultural center Tryptichon, Münster
Scenography and Documentation in the Wolfgang-Borchert- Theater, Münster
2000 Europa Stipendium of the Kunstakademie Münster in Israel, Fines Art Academie Bezalel. Professor: Nahum Tevet
2003 Nomination as “Meisterschüler” of Guillaume Bijl in the Kunstakademie Münster
since 2004 Living as artist in Cologne, Germany

Sale Action /Performance

This kind of action is always performed after an other performance. Its objection is to create a dialogue with the receptor, who is given the possibility to ask some questions about the artist or the previous performance.

The artist comes in acting as a tourist and begins to prepare the location. He puts a table and makes it seem like a sale bureau. Then he sits down behind the table and talks about art history and other actual themes and makes a description of his own work showing material of previous works.

al avez de dar vueltas por una pequeña introducción en la historia del arte del performance desde el 1920 hasta nuestros dias. He makes a register of the public (name, nationality…) and asks them if they would like to be parto f a fictional company whos name is Performance media art. The product of this company are the Works of the artist. Each person can buy 1 % of the company paying simbolic 10 Euros. Other artist who want to buy a part of the company can pay with one of his works which the artist will show on his website including the name. The artist gives factures to the “participary and promises tosend by mail or e-mail one or two fotos of the performance which was bought. All this will be documented in the website of the artist as “sale Action performance”.

Erkki Pirtola

Photo by Antti Ahonen





Billeneeve 1975.a.
Katri Kainulainen 1978.a.
Tuuliki Avango(Inge Ting) 1982.a
Marianne Männi(mnne) 1981.a.

2004 ”Kunsti remont”avaperformance Pärnu Kontserdimajas billeneeve , mnne , kärt avango Pärnu , EESTI
”Miss Universe ” Kwang-ju Bienalle billeneeve , inge ting , mnne Kwang-ju , KOREA
”Korean people – Yes,You –No”Kwan-ju Bienalle billeneeve , inge ting , mnne Kwang-ju , KOREA
”Codzilla”River Festival billeneeve , inge ting , mnne Seoul , KOREA
”Suitsetavad rasedad naised plahvatavad” billeneeve , katri kainulainen , mnne
Gallery SoToDo 11th Congress for Performance Art, Open Space Berliin , SAKSA
2005 ”Revolutsioon sünnitusel” Metaseminar Viru keskus billeneeve , inge ting , mnne Tallinn , EESTI
”Venuse sünd” ”Diverse Universe”Performance Festival Helsingi Kaabelitehas billeneeve , katri kainulainen , inge ting , mnne + 6 soomepoissi Helsinki , SOOME

”Naine ja koletis – õis versioon II”Münster und Frauen
Gallery SoToDo 12th Congress for Performance Art / billeneeve , katri kainulainen, sorge (Türi , EESTI) Münster , SAKSA
”Koerad ” ” SoToDo” Performance Congress billeneeve , katri kainulainen , sandra schaefer (Boston , USA) Münster , SAKSA
”Barbienukud” Kultuurifestival KultuuritehasPolymer billeneeve ja katri kainulainen Tallinn EESTI
”MÜÜA KRUNT”PostsovkhoZ5 /avalik-era 5.mõtte ja keskkonnakunsti talgud billeneeve , katri kainulainen , (inge ting) Mooste, EESTI
“Koerad”Fideo-ja vilmifestivali avaperformance Rent klubi billeneeve, katri kainulainen, mnne, gretel Pärnu, EESTI
“Koerad”Fideo-ja vilmifestivali avaperformance Kinomaja billeneeve, katri kainulainen, mnne, gretel Tallinn, EESTI
2006 „Fibbonacci kulg” Loodus muuseum billeneeve, mnne, inge ting Tallinn, EESTI
"We are in the fucking moon over" Etnokunsti festival "KAAMOS" billeneeve, inge ting, mnne Hellenurme, ESTONIA

Liivi Tantaal


Jorge Hidalgo


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