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№ 05 / Guruleva Nadejda Vasilievna

1979 – was born in village near Ulan-Ude.
1996-00 – studied in Novosibirsk Art College at painting department.
2000-01 – studied in Novosibirsk Art Academy at painting department.
2001-2007 - lived in St.-Petersburg. Studied in Institute of Culture on faculty of art criticism.
2007 - had moved to Kazan by the Migratory program New Populists. Worked in the Kazan art school.
Since 2009 lives in Vladivostok by the Migratory program New Populists.


08\10\09 - took part in Mural "Portret of coeval" (Kemerovo, Art-prom public art festival).
12\09\09 - took part in Show "The last party " (St.-Petersburg, "New Luda Gallery ").
01\09\08 - took part in Festival "H2O: Nordic and Russian Art in Public Spaces". Project " Stream" (St.-Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress).
25\08\07 - took part in Project "Magic plants of Ural" (Ekaterinburg, public-art festivals "Stolpotvorenie" & " Long Stories for Yekaterinburg 5").
07\03\07 - the Art-festival "Poems+VIDEOPOESIAproject" (St.-Petersburg, gallery "Shed").
18\04\07 - The young artist's exhibition "Cardboard life" (St.-Petersburg, Muhina academy, "V-gallery").
13\01\07 - took part in Grand opening of Concept-art Gallery "Pavilionofcontextualnonintervention" (St.-Petersburg).
26\09\06 - took part in "Vasia was here" (St.-Petersburg, prospectus Liteynyi).
22\09\06 - took part in "Contextualism: the prospectus Liteynyi, as such" in International festival of contemporary art "Art-status" (Kemerovo).
11\06\06 - Festival «ART-SOBES» (St.-Petersburg, garden of Ahmatova's House).Installation «Scream» (together with Dm. Petrov).
22\12\05 - Festival of creative duets «Formula-ll» (Ekaterinburg). Installation «Shadow of yesterday» (together with I. Gaponov).
– took part at the project HP-gallery (Moscow). Film «My Happiness».
05\05 – Festival of “clean art” “Wash” (St.-Petersburg).
11\04 - took part in program of PT-group in 7-th Festival "Deboshir" (St.-Petersburg).