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June, 3 - 13, 2007 \ St.-Petersburg \ Concept-art Gallery "Pavilionofcontextualnonintervention"

Visual-poet Valentine Karpov (now living to Kemerovo under the program "New populists") has presented the new project "Nastasia Filipovna".

The Ford Fund has allocated 100 000 $ for development of the Kemerovo society "Russia without Ford and Soross" in 2006. Valentine Karpov, director of this society has publicly burnt that 100 000 $ in Concept-art Gallery "Pavilionofcontextualnonintervention". The documentation of this action and ashes "heaps of money" have made an essence of an exposition. The central place is allocated to a candle end of a match by means of which to Karpov has burnt money. Most likely, this match symbolizes Nastasia Filipovna, the heroine of the novel F.M. Dostoevsky "Idiot" who has thrown the large sum of money in fire in a hysterical impulse.

June, 10, 2007 \ St.-Petersburg \ the Pioneer square

The art-theatre "JOY", artist Joy (Plushkin), Administration of Nemirov's district of St.-Petersburg represent performance "Mine Grief".

The Nemirov's district of St.-Petersburg is the leader from Northwest districts by quantity of suicides among the population. The administration of district has begun The June series of actions on preventive maintenance of "moods of decline", and involved to work above this problem contemporary artists.

JOY has presented complex pyrotechnic show to huge quantity of public on the Pioneer square. At this show main characters became 50 welders and 25 workers-assemblers of the Kirov factory who "created" the sound-light composition sparks and a roar of jackhammersin current of 2 hours.

The additional information on the site of Nemirov's district: www...ru

June, 3 - 13, 2007 \ St.-Petersburg \ Gallery "The Stick" \ the Art-center "Pushkinskay 10"

Petrov Dmitry's installation What is the elephant?

The name of new installation artist Dmitry Petrov (Surgut) probably sends the spectator to the known Arabian parable, telling how blind tried to define "What is elephant?". Dmitry is known to western spectator as the artist consistently developing a theme of "disintegration of the person".

In this installation Dmitry creates the conditions dividing integrity of perception of the spectator. With the help of complex technical devices, the bottom half of trunk of each spectator is in a cold, top is in heat. The few flashing screens distract and disseminate visual attention, sound effects, whispers distract attention too. Unexpected impulses of a wind, painting on a floor, insects are some of parts of the installation created that (as the artist writes to summaries) "to shatter perception into its smallest components". At exit visitors are offered to describe the sensations in the visitors' book or to leave the comment on a site of the artist.

June, 6 - 17, 2007 \ Moscow \ "Total notebook" gallery

Curator Krotov Alesey represents the project of French artist Anri Ljakost "The traces of the person".

Anri Ljakost does not get tired to surprise the world art-public with the projects, always keeping author's handwriting: complex scale, demanding several years, execution at frank simplicity of idea.

The traces of the person by Anri Ljakost has devoted to the son who was born at November, 1991. Since the moment of his birth the artist "stamped" a press all his movings, his each step. The exposition includes not only infinite video record "stamped" places: labour ward, cabinets, streets, cars, houses, but also "stamped" objects on which the excessive demand was already formed on the most prestigious auctions . The stamps mark the date and words (often incoherent) told on this place. The Ljakost's experiment proceeded till 2001, and now, guessing wide interest, the artist has decided to present it.

At an exhibition you was able to familiarize with comments of friends of Lakost's family, researchers of his creativity and responses of spectators. "Ten years! And, we did not think, that this art such, we thought Ljakost trying to be original. His house, court yard, our school, all was in stamps, even in several layers of stamps". "Photos by Ljakost shake, his family simply lived in stamps". "Only few people knows, what the main idea of this person was the idea that he can present the his son an opportunity to fix the life, from the very first step, and any time, till ten years, the son participated in an invention of the father, and then break in understanding has passed..."

June, 5 - 15, 2007 \ Moscow \ "B\W-gallery"

The art-group "Anti-eco" has presented the documentation of performance "Flight".

The photo-video materials of this exhibition told about last action by "Anti-eco", maded in spring of 2007 in one of bedroom communitys of Moscow. The essence of action is such - in the early morning artists have placed clap-nets on a roof of a high-rise building . Have caught about twenty pigeons. Everyone have planted in a separate 60-liter cellophane package. And then one behind another was dumped with packages with birds downwards, on sidewalk. One of participants of group, being below, recorded on videocamera as packages fell on asphalt and as birds gone under, and how later passionless yard keepers raked up these packages shovels in the garbage container.

"Disgustingly and senselessly". "It was pleasant. Communication with the city environment". "Cellophane, asphalt, pigeons, boxes of many-storied buildings, early morning, it all are art". The presented art leaves indifferent the rare spectator only.

Responses of press and spectators, the documentation of this and the last actions "Anti-eco" and press-war developed by movement "Green Peace" contra "Anti-eco" look on the site of "B\W-gallery".

June, 2, 2007 \ Vladivostok \ Quay of a gulf the Zolotoy Rog

Artist Paul Vladivostok and gallery of the Contemporary art "Art-floor" have presented installation "The Ledger-bait".

In the early morning the fishermen, hastening to borrow the favourite fishing places, have been shocked by a such picture: fishing-lines tense from water on coast on which hang down on hooks of cups with vodka and simple sandwiches.

Under certificates of organizers, "the Ledger-bait" has been completely destroyed in an hour with small.

The documentation on: www..ru

June, 2, 2007 \ St.-Petersburg \ the Pioneer square

Artist Ekaterina Manuchan, curator Alexey Krotov and "White gallery" have presented performance "Tears".

Nemirov's district of St.-Petersburg is the leader from Northwest districts by quantity of suicides among the population. This performance also is devoted to this problem.

From the press release: "That the person has ceased to regret isomeself (to consider someself pity), he must to direct the his melancholy not on someself, but on one's neighbour. For it he need the example of other person which felling someself "even worse". All crisis-centers, helplines do not treat illness of society, only stimulate it, naming frustration by frustration, and allowing the upset people to consider someself as patients. The clear example is necessary to people. From all corners, from each gate, from the sewerage there is should be heard requests for the help, SOS in all languages of the world. That the passer-by unexpectedly heard crying and an appeal which is giving rise desire to help at him, searched and could not find the source of sound".

The culmination of performance became solemn carrying out to the center of the Pioneer square the huge cube of ice on the podium laid by a white fabric. Under hot beams of the June sun the huge iceberg of "impossibility to save" thew during half-hour in the groans and entreatys which mentioned above. Thawed snow slowly impregnated a white fabric.

"The disappearance of the rough form should become a symbol of destruction of a matter, a flesh, a life, impossibility of its preservation. Water, slowly (and sad) an impregnating fabric, should symbolize unsteady memoirs on the former form, unreliable memory".

As the fabric became impregnated with water, it has started to be painted in pink, and then in the sated blood-red color. It is necessary to note, that free-of-charge distribution of the frozen crimson juice to spectators from the sponsor of action (Ice-cream factories #3) accompanied this performance. Unfortunately, we don't know about scarlet ice-cream. Is it was as the part of performance or it was surprising concurrence?

The additional information on the site of Nemirov's district: www...ru

June, 1 - 15, 2007 \ Moscow \ Sergey Zverev's SCA

Within the limits of festival "Days of Vladivostok in Moscow" Gallery "ARKA" represents project "Pian-se seller" by Oleg Kurashevskii in the Sergey Zverev's Center of the Contemporary art.

The Vladivostok artist Kurashevsky Oleg is well-known artist in Southeast Asia thanks to his projects "mixing of contexts" and "breaks of time and space", but, unfortunately, he is not familiar to the western spectator.

It is his new, first in the West from Urals Mountains, installation "Pian-se seller" entirely constructed on effect of "peeping". The space of White hall of Zverev's Center is blocked by panels that nothing remains to the spectators, except "to peep" in small "casual" cracks. What does they see? There is usual street, the square of the Yaroslavl station in Moscow... though... not... it is not present There is the station in Vladivostok. There is a saleswoman of pies in the center of installation very unusual, white pies with a strong sourish smell. It is Pian-se.

The effect of installation especially amplifies, when the spectator knows that all details of installation (stone blocks, lantern columns, baskets and the saleswoman) are brought from Vladivostok "such as they are".

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